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May 2012 Boston Software Craftsmanship Group Meeting

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Please join the Boston Software Craftsmanship group for a rousing evening of 1/2 baked lightning talks!

What's a 1/2 baked lightning talk? Well it's where you present a lightning talking about some 1/2 baked idea you have. Projectors + Whiteboards will be available. Try and plan your talk for between 5-10 minutes. Everyone who comes must present :) (okay, if you really don't have a 1/2 baked idea to talk about we'd still like you to come).

Oh and this is the Boston Software Craftsmanship group, so your lightning talk should have something to do with software.

Looking forward to it.


For more details on the Boston Software Craftsmanship Group see our Google group:


Microsoft NERD Center

One Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142

Who's Coming (3 spots left)

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    • Zachary S.
    • Neil T.
    • Alex B.
    • Mark S.
    • Daniel R.
    • Vineet S.
    • Stephen W.
    • Maureen M.
    • Patent Attorney William M.

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