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Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 - CERN - Geneva / Switzerland

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What will be going on at Code Retreat?

We'll start the day with a short keynote regarding the day. We'll begin a session by splitting into pairs and begin to implement Conway's Game of Life using test-driven development techniques in the language of the pair's choice. Pairs will work for approximately 45 minutes. Sessions will end by each team deleting their code, and we'll discuss lessons that we've learned and ideas as a group. We'll repeat this process with a lunch break around noon in the CERN canteen. The facilitator may issue a challenge for a session to try to get attendees to try something new or think out of the box. We'll end the day by discussing answering three easy questions individually (What was your biggest surprise of the day? What did you learn? What will you do differently on Monday?) and discussing as a group.

What will this cost me?

Nothing, but we will eat lunch at CERN's canteen that the prices are around 10 CHF, but you can bring your own tupperware, we have microwaves.

What can I do to prepare?

No advanced knowledge is required to participate in Code Retreat, but you can do a few things beforehand if you'd like to get a jump on the fun.

First of all, you can look over Conway's Game of Life as that's what we'll be implementing during the course of the day. Don't worry about implementing it beforehand. We'll be getting a feel for the problem during the first session of the day. 

Second, you can take some time to become familiar with testing frameworks in your favourite language(s). For example, Unit::Test or RSpec in Ruby, JUnit in Java, NUnit in .NET languages, and so on. Don't sweat if you don't. Simple assertions and if statements will do just fine, and you can get an introduction to these other methods during the course of the day. :)

What should I bring?

The only required items will be a laptop with the development environment of your favourite language(s), and a passion for improving your craft. But there are a few other things that can help speed things along:

  • A power bar just in case
  • Scrap paper to draw ideas on

We might not have internet access for non-CERN members, just in case bring the documentation you might need. We are working on it.

Where should I go?

The code retreat will take place at CERN (Geneva) from 8:30 to 17:30. If you are not a CERN member we will meet at 8:15 at the reception and we will enter together, remember to bring an ID.

If you are a CERN member you can go straight to the room 40-2-A01 before 8:30.


You can contact as at:

Visit the web page of coderetreat:


CERN - bldg. 40 2-A01

Route de Meyrin 385
Meyrin (Geneva), Switzerland 4242

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    • David H.
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    • Jochen B.
    • Daniel L.
    • Jean Marie B.
    • Ahmed H.
    • Felice P.
    • Piotr K.
    • Brett J.
    • Petr P.
    • Cécile G.
    • Emmanuel E.
    • Matevz C.
    • Heiner T.
    • Predrag C.
    • Lukas G.
    • Martin V.
    • Philippe V.
    • Tom P.
    • Guillermo B.
    • Konstantin D.
    • Eddy E.

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