Jul17Tue 6:00PM

CJUG July 2012 Meeting

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Andrew C. Oliver will introduce Spring Data, and demonstrate its implementation using a simple application with a non-trivial database structure. The application will use JPA/PostgreSQL, Neo4j, MongoDB and Hadoop for a backend and implementations will be demo'd for each.

Andrew C. Oliver is a professional cat herder who moonlights as a software consultant. He started programming when he was 8 and cut his teeth on GW Basic, BASICA, and dBase III+. He is most known for founding the POI project, which is now hosted at Apache. He also was one of the early developers at JBoss before it merged with Red Hat. He is a former board member and current helper at the Open Source Initiative. He is president and founder of Open Software Integrators, a professional services firm with offices in Durham, N.C., and Chicago, Ill.



20 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

Who's Coming

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    • Andriy R.
    • Fawad H.
    • Stefano C.
    • Christian E.
    • Raj J.
    • Matthew R.
    • Bill K.
    • Lauren R.
    • Anatoliy M.
    • Jerry D.
    • Aaron Z.
    • Jim M.
    • Joseph B.
    • Eric B.
    • Subash H.
    • Petras K.
    • Yaguang W.
    • Phil M.
    • David M.
    • Stan H.
    • Saul C.
    • Philip R.
    • Andy D.
    • Garry O.
    • Eric C.
    • Vijay K.
    • Abhijit J.
    • Mike K.
    • Anil U.
    • James J.
    • Mike N.
    • Indika K.
    • Xiao D.
    • Barb B.
    • Steve G.
    • Maggie L.
    • Bob P.
    • Sherita G.
    • Rob L.
    • Sebastian O.
    • Cedric H.
    • Gary T.
    • Lynette H.
    • Sarah T.
    • Ally M.
    • Brinjal P.
    • Ilia M.
    • Morris C.
    • Vikas T.
    • Wm P H.

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