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CJUG: Graph Traversals in Neo4j with Gremlin Java

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Graph Traversals in Neo4j with Gremlin Java

Graph databases are a NoSQL / polyglot persistence solution that provide a natural way to model complex, interrelated data. In this session, we'll get a code-first look at the graph traversal pattern with Gremlin (, a DSL built to work with graph databases like Neo4j.

Recommending products is analogous to determining the flow within an electrical circuit or determining how sensory data propagates through a neural network. Finding friends in a social network is analogous to routing packets in a communication network or determining the shortest route on a transportation network. Ranking web pages is analogous to determining the most influential people in a social network or finding the most relevant concepts in a knowledge network.

All these problems are variations of one general process - graph traversing. Graph traversing is the simple process of moving from one vertex to another vertex over the edges in the graph and either mutating the structure or collecting bits of information along the way. The result of a traversal is either an evolution of the graph or a statistic about the graph."

We'll get Neo4j and Gremlin's Java dialect up and running and see some traversals in action. Bring a laptop and follow along so that you can later build and explore graphs in your domain with your own traversals.

About the Presenter:

Bobby Norton has worked over the past ten years as a software developer and technical lead at firms such as Lockheed Martin, NASA, GE Global Research, ThoughtWorks, DRW Trading Group, and Aurelius - a graph systems consultancy. His passion for applying network science and graphs to software systems began two years ago after using Neo4j to reduce report run times from hours to seconds in a cost allocation system. He codes in Java, Clojure, Ruby, and C#, but is also quite at home discussing business models and investment strategies. Bobby holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Florida State University. You can find him on Twitter @bobbynorton and on LinkedIn

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    • Max D.
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    • Eric D.
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    • Maggie L.
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    • Narasimha N.
    • Jillian R.
    • Aaron Z.
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    • Chris B.
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    • Daniel K.
    • Michal K.
    • Jeffrey R.
    • Gabe V.
    • Lisa W.
    • Mike K.
    • Mark G.

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